Friday, 11 November 2011

It's my life and it's my wife

This past year I have been completely fascinated with herion addiction. I think my fascination stems from the idea of destroying ones-self from the inside out, and how much addiction can control a person's life. In episode 12 season 4 of Mad Men, the show touches on the prominence of heroin addicts in sixties New York. In the 60s, coming from a decade of prozac-nation, heroin as well as LSD were still quite 'new' mainstream drugs. People were only starting to become aware of the effects of heroin addiction. However it was extremely prominent in New York at the time. Reading this analysis of the Mad Men episode, I became aware of this LIFE article highlighting the life of two heroin junkies in New York in the sixties.

I would give my left tit to old copies of LIFE magazines

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