Friday, 23 September 2011

Warhol screen tests

'Andy Warhol's original Screen Tests were originally filmed from early 1964 - November 1966 (GM25). Factory visitors who had potential "star" quality would be seated in front of a tripod mounted camera, asked to be as still as possible, and told not to blink while the camera was running. These film portraits were some of the earliest examples of Warhol's Screen Test series. It is interesting to note that they were filmed in Edey's apartment prior to Warhol's move to the silver Factory where most, but not all, of the other Screen Tests were made. More than 500 Screen Tests were made. In addition to The 13 Most Beautiful Boys, some of the footage was incorporated into other compilation reels such as The 13 Most Beautiful Women (1964) and 50 Fantastics and 50 Personalities (1964). Malanga also used some reels in his multimedia poetry readings called Screen Test Poems in 1965. In 1966 Andy and Gerard also prepared a book together of Screen Test stills from 54 subjects (17 women and 37 men) and Gerard's poetry called Screen Tests/A Diary (NY: Kulchur Press, 1967).' - youtube

Our Mountain

ah man I just love these Our Mountain promotionals, abbey-lee just looks like such an etherial wood nymph, and the music aint so bad either!

Monday, 19 September 2011

The Cocksucker Blues

The banned Rolling Stones documentary. 

Filmed during the bands 1972 U.S tour, the documentary follows the rising rock stars as they purely epitomise the phrase ' Sex, drugs and rock and roll'. With scenes featuring footage of the rolling stones snorting cocaine, running around with naked groupies and basically 'rocking' out, the film was deemed too inappropriate to be released and had permission to be screened only with the director present. The documentary was filmed openly, with people who were invited on tour that had just picked up a camera and started shooting. 

After being strictly banned, the film has been surfaced to youtube, AND HERE IT IS!!

 "If anyone in America saw it, we’d never be let in the country again." - Keith Richards 

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Mr Redding


The film 'Dig' follows the bands The Dandy Warhols and Brian Jonestown Massacre over a course of several years. It's easily one of my favourite rock documentaries, as it represents the different careers and personalities of both rock groups as well as their similarities and shared goals. Also Anthony Newcombe's ridiculous antics provide much hilarity to the film.

And of course I couldn't resist including a deleted clip of Joel of BJM...

Girl Crush - Liv Tyler

A perfect mix of both Steven Tyler and groupie mama, Bebe Buelle. Liv Tyler was raised only knowing musician Todd Rundgren as her real father. At the age of 15, after meeting Steven Tyler's daughter -  a distinct resembalance was noticed between the girls and Liv went searching for answers. She soon found her real baby daddy, Steven Tyler and changer her last name from Rundgren to Tyler. I don't exactly know why I find her looks so captivating, I guess it's the whole groupie-daughter combo. Here's a photo of a very startled looking Bebe Buelle and baby Liv. Bebe's face just radiates ''Shit this baby is Steve's, shit' 

Also a clip of Liv speaking Elvish.. suddenly I really want to learn elvish


David Bowie embroidery work in progress..

Oh and some Doris Day house-wife propaganda

also someone totally commented on this song saying 'This song is totally about a rapist'... made me chuckle.. 

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


I'm sorry it's been so long! Months and months I tell ye!
I am currently in the process of reformatting/funky'fing my blog at the moment, so if you notice some awkward formatting shizznit, please be patient with me - I'm noticing it too!

In my last few recent posts I kind of hinted to some things that have been taking up my moodmind.. rock icons, romantic artists, weird 80s clips.. but there's been more! MORE!
I've been running around town with a Sydney artist collective called Punk Monk Propaganda, who are good friends of mine. We do liquid lighting and arty things at events, so that's been taking up most of my time and my school nights - much to father's dismay.
We recently did an installation at Sydney Verge festival last week, we did liquid lighting at the opening night and have an installation up for about 3 weeks! We were given a shipping container and free reign on what we wanted to plant inside of it, and here was the finished product- a shot I snapped before we hung around some more lace bits around the walls.

I've also been re-doing my room, I've put up plenty of serge gainsbourg and patti smith  (that i'll photograph later) - additionally I posted up this image by Carrol Jerrums above my bed

I absolutely love it, and it does well in intimidating unwelcome guests.. (greasy teenage boys that my mother tries to set me up with)
Speaking of Miss Jerrums, I remember seeing a photography exhibition of her work last April at the Sydney Museum and I've been meaning to make a post dedicated to her photography for a while now- maybe in the not-too-distant future!
Thinking about her has also reminded me that I need to get back on my art-exhibition bicycle, that I've put to rest for a while now.. I guess I've just been so busy being behind the art - that I actually haven't had a chance to visit any exhibitions!

ALSO IT IS FINALLY SPRING!!1111 Which not only means my birthday next week! The 14th, SAWEET SIXTEEN- but also festival season! In September and November particularly, each suburb in Sydney puts on a festival each weekend filled with either crafts or music or art or BOTH ALL TOGETHER. It's a really exciting time to be in Sydney, and not only it is my favourite season (and my birthday month) but also it's just so nice to see communities working together to present their suburbs. My favourite is fringe festival which kicks off in the middle of September till November - which is limited to the inner-west, but is so so great for representing underground arts talent. There is just so much more to write, including all the movies/books and music that I've been keeping my high-school mind occupied with, and I'm sure I'll get this posting shtick back on track.

Till next time
Arexa Alexa :) xxx

Thursday, 1 September 2011

80s gems

You know that era of television when everything was overly-dramatic, colours over saturated, dance moves over-exaggerated, and EVERYTHING needed to have a funky beat to it?
well thanks to youtube, the gems of 80s television have become revived, if only to mock the poor standard of national television back in the game-boy colour days...
I had seen some of these circulating the internet for a while, and it was only after seeing the brilliant Julia Stiles clip on,  when I realized what a great idea it would be to collate my most memorable/tacky/insane/hilarious videos to share...

So don't forget to tell me what you think and if you have happened to find any other giggle-worthy clips, don't forget to post them in the comments!


oh my god dramatic