Thursday, 24 May 2012


I am fucking freaking out legit.
A few months ago I wrote a post on his photography and he posted a link to my blog on his tumblr? This is so many kinds of awesome.
Even though my post isn't that great, I mean I could have written more about his work... whatever alexa

How the hell am I going to focus now? He linked to the post and everything!

my post:
HIS post:

sorry for the fangasm guys.. I thought I should share

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

'Birth of the Cool'

Barkley L. Hendrix's 1969 collection of  portraits under the title 'Birth of the Cool'. Infusing western-art influences from pop culture, american realism, renaissance portraiture and postmodernism to create artworks that are uniquely his own. He uses the traditional conventions of renaissance portaiture fused with the glorification of ordinary subjects of postmodernism. Drawing from references to popular culture, Hendrix creates portraits that are easily recognisable in a modern day context. Pulling ordinary people up to celebrity status in a matter of swishes of his paint brush.

I love these images as they do embodie the essence of cool. Hendrix is welcoming a new era of empowerment not only for the african-American population but also for creatives, women and culture. Even though some of these themes are specific to the atmosphere of the 60s and 70s, when the definition of race, class and gender were being challenged; the style and themes in these images still resonate today. To quote Coco Chanel 'Fashions fade, Style is eternal' (evidence of a childhood raised on FTV) This is only too evident in these paintings.
babes u got styyyleeee

Here's a cool documentry clip about the exhibition of the artwork at the Nasher Art Museum at Duke University.


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Desiree Dolron

Desiree Dolron's photography project Gaze portrays people in various states of underwater submersion. She uses focuses on the personal experience of the person, expressive and serine. None of the people featured in the work use their gaze to draw in the audience, they are ignorant of the viewer - lost in their world of complete fantasy. The resulted images are extrememly powerful and intimate and reflect the ethereal beauty in human nature.
She creates a mythology blurring the lines between life and death.

May 20

.. I like grimes

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Daring Men's fashion show 1951

'This collection of marvels aims to interpret the revolt of modern man's against the restrictions of modern design'

Monday, 14 May 2012


These past weeks I've been really into skater boys? I don't know is that a thing?
more like the ~~grunge/skating style.
Denim, converse, beanies... maybe it's because it's winter and everyone around me at school has been decking the hoodies and denim.
Kids by Harmony Korrine has been on my mind

I recently saw this post by
and oh ma jesuss, cute boys and skate boards MY HEART

as well as some Ed Templeton skating photography

and some alice in chains being hella fucking grunge

Nada Surf - Popular

grimes induced anxiety

The other day  I bumped into a friend of mine, Josh as he was dashing through the city - looking very frazzled. He had all these posters rolled up and bundled under his arm that looked twice the size of him. After greeting him, I enquired as to where he was off to. He explained to me that he was running home after picking up these posters a music-friend gave him. The posters, he explained, were of this new musician he had been lusting after.
'They're of a musician called Grimes I LOVE HER' he exclaimed as he opened each of the posters to show me.
It looked like a regular album-promotional poster of a cute girl with pink hair. I didn't think much of it. New music is coming out all the time, how can I be bothered to pay attention to a new 'IT girl?'
After our little exchange Josh had to depart; he had to get home and I ... um had plans that day and .. stuff.

A few weeks later I was browsing the internets and came across this dream girl that Josh had so enthusiastically doted to me about.
The result = weeks and weeks of me devoted to searching the deeper depths of the net to find out as much as I could about this dream girl that I was now obsessed with. Thanks Josh ;)

In short, Grimes is a 24 year old Canadian art student, with ultra cool hair and a super cute lisp.
She concocts serious pop beats with some funky new-age technological equipment which I imagine is what a UFO switch-board would look like. Her music emulates an 80s strawberry-switch-blade era of girly, eery shoe-gaze. However her heavy beats seriously reflect an era of intense pop and R & B influence. She doesn't like to wear clothes with zippers or buttons, wears big coats and describes her style like that of Tank Girl
( I can say that. I've seen THAT many of her interviews)

She radiates undeniable cool. With her ever-changing coloured and awkwardly cut hair. My heart melts.

Here are some of her clips, by the end of this post, you'll be hooked too.

She flunked art school in Montreal to pursue her music career, as well as being a reformed high-school goth. Aren't you in love yet?

Thursday, 10 May 2012

i've been drawing a lot

Here are some drawings I've done in the past months.
Mum bought me this mega-cute note pad and I've been keeping it by my side writing whenever I feel.
I've started to illustrate thoughts and things I've seen/heard around and here are some of the images.

here are just a couple. Let me know what you think xx

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Teddy 1971

'Presents the experiences of a teenage African American, who relates his views of the System, war, revolution, the Watts community of Los Angeles, the Black Panther Party and the police. The importance of the discussion is the necessity of being one's own self.' - youtube