Monday, 14 May 2012

grimes induced anxiety

The other day  I bumped into a friend of mine, Josh as he was dashing through the city - looking very frazzled. He had all these posters rolled up and bundled under his arm that looked twice the size of him. After greeting him, I enquired as to where he was off to. He explained to me that he was running home after picking up these posters a music-friend gave him. The posters, he explained, were of this new musician he had been lusting after.
'They're of a musician called Grimes I LOVE HER' he exclaimed as he opened each of the posters to show me.
It looked like a regular album-promotional poster of a cute girl with pink hair. I didn't think much of it. New music is coming out all the time, how can I be bothered to pay attention to a new 'IT girl?'
After our little exchange Josh had to depart; he had to get home and I ... um had plans that day and .. stuff.

A few weeks later I was browsing the internets and came across this dream girl that Josh had so enthusiastically doted to me about.
The result = weeks and weeks of me devoted to searching the deeper depths of the net to find out as much as I could about this dream girl that I was now obsessed with. Thanks Josh ;)

In short, Grimes is a 24 year old Canadian art student, with ultra cool hair and a super cute lisp.
She concocts serious pop beats with some funky new-age technological equipment which I imagine is what a UFO switch-board would look like. Her music emulates an 80s strawberry-switch-blade era of girly, eery shoe-gaze. However her heavy beats seriously reflect an era of intense pop and R & B influence. She doesn't like to wear clothes with zippers or buttons, wears big coats and describes her style like that of Tank Girl
( I can say that. I've seen THAT many of her interviews)

She radiates undeniable cool. With her ever-changing coloured and awkwardly cut hair. My heart melts.

Here are some of her clips, by the end of this post, you'll be hooked too.

She flunked art school in Montreal to pursue her music career, as well as being a reformed high-school goth. Aren't you in love yet?

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