Thursday, 31 March 2011

Cannonball - The breeders
The reason why I picked this video to post was basically because it is where my title of my blog comes from.
I love this song (and video) for several reasons

  • The 'check, check' at the opening of the song, and distortion of the microphone really interests me and gives the song I think a rawness that is partially the reason why I am so intrigued by it 
  • The repetition of the microphone feedback is kind of like the band's way of saying 'Fuck you we can do what we want' I mean, generally bands like to keep their songs as 'Pristine' and commercial sounding as possible. The fact that the feedback is left in the song also represents the experimentation I think The Breeders wanted to explore in this album.
  • UGH AND THAT OPENING BASS LINE dfghjkl;;klkkjkhgjhg!!!111
  • The introduction of the opening riff also gives the song a kind of melodic feeling, the whole song feels like a struggle between the melodic kind of feminine style and the kick-ass 'masculine' undertones (the bass line and heavy beat) 
  • Then the electric kicks back into the grungy distortion, Kim Deal seems a lot more satisfied in 0:43 than she did in 0:37 when the melody was introduced (Only 0:43 seconds into the video and I've already posted so many dot points?!?!) 
  • Then the female vocals are introduced, however the kick-ass feeling still manages to be conveyed through the femininen vocals
  • 1:19 love the very 90s hair-bop, very reminiscent of those long haired stoners in the jay and silent bob movies, or even now-a-days stoner metal heads with long greasy hair filled with life-lessons-and-life's-so-terrible-I-like-nirvana angst 
  • 1:25, yeah distorted vocals! reminds me of a song   every song by The Grates? 
  • back to the riff 
  • I love the shots of the band playing cut to shots of the cannonball, it's kind of like the song is a cannonball and as the ball rolls so does the song 
  • 2:11 pause minimalist movements, very abba 
  • Kim Deal then starts rocking out in clips that look like my old photo-frames I used to make at arts and crafts birthday parties when I was 6
  • It seems as though the song is an endless use of crescendos, the build up and then the bang of the distortion and drums and then back to the melody and then into the bang of guitar distortion and drums. I kind of like this repetition, it makes the song
  • I like how in 3:00 the girls start painting their face with make up, but still wearing suits. It's as though the video represents that fight between masculinity and femininity 
  • In contrast to earlier on in the video, the girls start 'rioting' and a lot of the 'serene-esque' scenes that the clips were being cut to are suddenly thrown into caos like the bands way of saying again 'FUCK YOU WE CAN DO WHAT WE WANT'
  • maybe the scenes of the band members being under water is a metaphor for suffocation that women feel when trying to express themselves? 
In conclusion, (apparntly people don't like it when I conclude things with 'in conclusion' but WHATEVER FUCK YOU I DO WHAT I WANT) 
Anyway.. In conclusion, I think what attracts me to this song is the female expressionism that is portrayed in this video and song. I feel like it was the beginning of me opening my eyes to 'rocker- chicks' and that yeah, not only men can use distortions to represent angst. Also, I think this video appeals to my ~~teen angst~~ and encourages me to 'let it all out' I suppose. 

In other words, don't be scared to fucking kick ass and speak your opinion. I'LL BE YOUR CANNONBALL

In other news - after writing this post I feel a sense of accomplishment, (A proud mama looking at her first second blog post perhaps) And so with that feeling I will try to start and a finish a class Jewish Studies assignment due tomorrow, good night sweet feminist darlings, see you in the next post 

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