Friday, 1 April 2011

The day of the first

April 1st -
As I lay in my bed listening to my brand new Jethro Tull record, whilst admiring it's pristine packaging on the feet of my bed, I can not resist the feeling of being completely content with everything.

Today I felt confident walking in my 70's inspired mini red dress from Top Shop, black suade Top End kind of peasant shoes and my rainbow tights down Paddington with a resume filled with my false accomplishments. Ready to job hunt 'HURRAH! Jobs!'
All of a sudden I became slightly side-tracked as to the reason why exactly I was job hunting, and gave into temptation to visit a little record shop on the corner of Crown Street Sydney.

The record shop was slightly hidden, with stacks of old records lining the walls of the tiny shop that resembled a mangy old 90s brothel. A 30-something looking man sat the counter sorting through records and drinking beer, my automatic thoughts were 'Small 15-something-girl in a mangy old record shop populated by only one other over 30-something man'
The  neurotic part of my brain developed by my Jewish mother's over-protectiveness clicked and I automatically felt threatened and was hesitant to stay in the shop. 'Look around, browse briefly then LEAVE ALEXA!'
However, my curious side got the better of me and I caught the eye of a beautiful stack of $10 records dating back to 1970. 'Just a peek' I thought to myself

bad. Idea.
10 minutes later, I was still sorting through the stack of records determined to find a record that was not by ABBA. Alas! It was as if the heavens opened up and a beam of sun lit up an unsuspecting Jethro Tull record. 'I FOUND IT' I cried! Well, I thought in my head, I wouldn't cry in real life about that, I'm not that dramatic.

Truth of the matter, I was happy to find the record. I think the side of me that was relieved to find something that wasn't ABBA was more prominent than the side of me that actually liked Jethro Tull. I had heard of them, and knew that they played kind of folky-acoustic music. I was just so happy to finally find a record I could buy!
I hesitantly walked up to the counter, gave in the record and couldn't resist sparking conversation with the shop-keeper, he seemed like he would like the conversation anyway. We conversed for a small time, and the more we talked, the more I felt as though I was in a scene of High Fidelity.
With my new record in my arms, I happily skipped out of the shop. Job Well Done.
.. now to actually find a job...

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