Saturday, 10 September 2011

Girl Crush - Liv Tyler

A perfect mix of both Steven Tyler and groupie mama, Bebe Buelle. Liv Tyler was raised only knowing musician Todd Rundgren as her real father. At the age of 15, after meeting Steven Tyler's daughter -  a distinct resembalance was noticed between the girls and Liv went searching for answers. She soon found her real baby daddy, Steven Tyler and changer her last name from Rundgren to Tyler. I don't exactly know why I find her looks so captivating, I guess it's the whole groupie-daughter combo. Here's a photo of a very startled looking Bebe Buelle and baby Liv. Bebe's face just radiates ''Shit this baby is Steve's, shit' 

Also a clip of Liv speaking Elvish.. suddenly I really want to learn elvish

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