Wednesday, 18 April 2012


a few months ago I dyed the ends of my hair green. It was really fun, and I kinda miss it. Now every chick with coloured hair makes me swoon. I am so BORED

all images from ffffound

me in jan


  1. oh man, has yr background been green for long? i just got blinded haha. that first picture is awesome. i want to buy soft chalk, cause there was a tutorial on thebeauty department about chalking yr hair to get a temprary colour. i so want to do it with green or blue.

  2. haha no! Is it awful? I felt like a change, green seemed funky
    yeah man~ I think I might go blonde or bleach my hair or something but I feel like I need my dark hair for ~~mystic~~

  3. i just wasn't expecting it!

    pfft do whatever you want with yr hair and just watch mystic pizza