Monday, 8 October 2012

Liebster Award

Liebster Award

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile and this post is hardly content-heavy or anything but I was nominated by Lovelier Words WHICH IS SO NICE and I feel obligated to acknowledge it. Only due to the fact that I rarely get nominated for anything, I feel as though this is a momentous occasion. 
Please do not feel obligated to read this, It's a break from my usual pop-culture posts and I rarely talk about myself or my life on my blog. I will answer all questions with utmost honesty. 

Apparently you answer 11 questions and then nominate 11 people with 200 followers or less.

What do you think of my blog?
LovelierWords? Well I think you're super sweet and lovely and that you have a great taste in books and films and music! I wish you all the best in your future blog/life/posts?

What do you think of the blogosphere?
As much as I try, I don't feel like I particularly "fit" into the blogosphere world. As with most things, I'm kind of content skimming the surface and meeting the people that cross my path, without necessarily diving into it and engulfing myself within the world of bloggers. I think it's because I find it hard to really define what my blog is and I guess that makes it harder for me to find blogs/other bloggers that are into the same things as me. I feel like energy is best focused to creating and finding content for my blog which means keeping my antennae up at all times. I really do love however connecting with other bloggers when I do, but it's not the most important thing for me. That said I do appreciate all comments and acknowledgements! 

Most beautiful thing?
I love the feeling of riding on the bus in a beautiful sunny day and passing the marina and beautiful sydney parks on my way home from a good day. I also love beautiful films with honest characters and storylines.

Main objective?
To connect with people and create a life for myself that exceeds my imagination. I know that's weird, but I would really love my future to surprise me and to look back and be like "WOW I would never have guessed this would have been my life 10 years ago AND IT'S AWESOME" That means taking every opportunity that is given to me and always keeping my eyes open to new possibilities.

Biggest vice?
Probably being too self-critical and critical of others. Maybe it's a virgo thing but I tend to place incredibly high expectations on myself/others and feel incredibly betrayed when people/I don't exceed those standards. I'm also in a constant state of self-doubt which prevents me from achieving what i probably can. 

Favorite song?
Ah!!! I don't know! I really love the song When we was fab by George Harrison. 4eva.

What do you hate most?
I hate hate! I really dislike negativity and bad-vibes. I'm not interested in people who are constantly bringing me/themselves down. Just get that negativity away from me!!

Best Quality?
Oooft! I don't know! Maybe my self-doubt can be productive at times? But it is by no way my BEST quality. Maybe good study habits and good organization skills? I'm also really enthusiastic to learn about new things and love learning.

I have insulin intolerance which means I can't digest sugar and will most probably develop diabetes in 10 years and I need to exercise a lot. 

Sebastian Bach. 

Are you happy?
At this moment, yes. I have an awesome job, good friends, an awesome kitten, food, a good support system ALL GOOD THINGS.

Who I nominate:
Gap-Teeth for sure. Probably one of my earliest followers. I absolutely love/admire her blog. She hasn't been posting recently but I really like the mutual support/fangirlyness.
Leah - Because I admire her honest posts and she makes the best fucking mixes ever
Roma - Because she's also one of my earliest followers and likes cool shit and I'm contributing to her zine SOON OKAY.
CAELAN - How could I chose my favourite blogger people without mentioning her? I'm constantly appreciative of her support and altogether loveliness
Nevena - because she's awesome and we both like similar things.
stone-age stomp - Great blog for inspiration and beautiful things! And music!
the red telephone - Probably one of my all-time favourites. Her posts are INTERESTING and cool and beautiful. I would love for my blog to one day be up to this standard. She finds the most interesting things, definitely inspirational. 
googirls - beautiful, cool, awesome, FUNKY girls! They also have friggen cool hair and seem like they would be cool chicks to hang out with!


  1. You are too sweet!! I love catching up with your adorable blog, and having a lovely, creative admirer like yourself is endless inspiration for me! x