Sunday, 30 October 2011

Brad Elterman photography

My blog has been about photographers an awful lot lately? I guess it's kind of because I find real people so fascinating, especially photographers. In Brad Elterman's tumblr blog and website, he posts a selection of images coupled with some really cute antidotes about the photographs. Next year, I'm taking a course on Media and Journalism and a practical arts course, but I feel like I should now swap over to doing a photography course. 70s photographers are so inspiring!

Brad Elterman's career started in 1974, at the age of 16 with a photo of Bob Dylan performing on stage. He quickly became a well-known hollywood photographer, running around the rock scene photographing the likes of The Sex Pistols, Queen and Joan Jett.
Brad Elterman was able to tour with rock-stars and was a photographer for popular rock magazines such as Creem, Rolling Stone and Rock Magazine. source

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