Monday, 17 October 2011

Rodney Alcala's Killer Photographs

The Dating Game Killer

In 1979, Serial Rodney Alcala was convicted of the murder of Robin Samsoe- an 8 year old from California.  However prior to his conviction, he had a recorded history of murder and violence dating back to 1969. Between the dates of 1969 and 1979, Alcala managed to travel between New York and California, posing as a photographer and even a camp counselor, between which he managed to commit and be convicted of five murders. 

However it was his appearance on the dating game in 1978, which seemed to be the eeriest of his appearances. Even winning the 'bachelorette' at the end of the show, authorities and people alike seemed to be completely ignorant to his serial killer seedy remarks and over glazed smile. However that's probably dating game culture... 

oily hair, glazed smile.. if I wasn't mistaken, this guy  could totally radiate serial killer potential
what's even creepier about this particular serial killer, was his photography. Leaked a few years ago online shortly before his death sentence, Alcala seemed to have some mad skills in the 'pointy clicky' section. 


  1. Omg! I was so fascinated by this story too. I think I heard about it on a crime history type of A&E show. Its just wayyy to creepy and bizarre to think of him on the cheery dating game show. And I had no idea he was a photography enthusiast! Its all so strange.

  2. Yeah awh man, so many references about american double-standard pop culture, so interesting