Thursday, 20 October 2011

Cape Town

last Dec-Jan my family took a trip to visit family in Cape Town and Europe. Before Australia my family lived in South Africa for 3 generations, after moving to Europe and Australia. Prior to living in South Africa, my family lived in Jewish Shtetls in Lithuania.. I find it really fascinating because the Lithuanian Jewish community had different laws from regular Lithuanians and lived quite traditional lives.
Here are some photos from my Cape Town trip:

a photo of my friend Bec in my bedroom, I managed to snap up the day before I left


  1. ahh! this looks like a fun vacation.. not to be a nerd but when I read that your family used to live in shtetls in Lithuania I kinda freaked out. Last year I took a course called "Jews, Judaism, and Modernity" and I learned all about shtetls! ^-^

  2. that's so cool, yeah judaism is really fascinating!