Thursday, 28 June 2012

cut hair hair cut

So I cut my hair
I feel kind of weird posting pictures of myself on my blog, I mean I want my blog to be more about the art and music and general interest of cool shit I find rather than narcissistic pictures of myself? I know that's pretty hypocritical of me to say since I have posted photos of myself in the past.. but rarely OKAY RARELY.
Anyways, I felt like this was a momentous occasion as i have been thinking about doing it for weeks and the other night I got so fed up I just chopped it off. Feels.. ~~liberating
My mother of course was not feeling the liberating vibes and has booked an appointment at the hairdresser on Saturday.. But mother! It's totally DIY and PUNK. 
And Patti Smith cut her hair herself to look like Keith Richards.. but I suppose being a New York bohemian poet gives her license to do that kind of thing... Alas the perils of being a 'misunderstood' teenager living in the 'slums' of the Eastern Suburbs... 

In recognition, I present to you some celebratory Clearwater Revival (of course) 

.. okay well I couldn't find the original song so I found this really cool video of a stoned dude with a beard playing the song.

AND I got a super cute kitten aptly named by my 7 year old sister, Mrs. Fluffy Pants. I just call her Pants.. it's cuddle parties everday 


  1. your hair looks awesome. you look so fucking rad :)

    Check me out!

  2. I totally understand the slight fear about narcissist blog pictures I always wonder what people would think of me coming to my blog.

    On a much more relevant note, I really really like your hair and your blog and that party you mentioned is definitely on if you're ever in London because I think everything you post is dreamy and you are soooo cool!

    Okay going to stop typing before it becomes too gushy and slides into creepy territory.

  3. I love that hippy dude.your blog is really cool. I hope you'll follow me xx