Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My grandfather. Don Draper

On Sunday evening it was my grandfather's 80th birthday party.
It was a nice event? I guess there was like.. finger food and.. wine and stuff..
Anyway as the evening progressed, speech time approached.
After a few speeches were read off of new-age palm cards or iphones by my respective relatives, it was my turn to say a 'few words'. Taking my place on the brightly-lit podium, it suddenly dawned on me that maybe not having either iphone notes or palm cards pre-prepared was probably a bad idea. My stubbornness and arrogance got the better of me and in my arrogant haze I thought I would be able to muster up a brilliant speech telling tales of the greatness of my family history.
It suddenly dawned on me that this was probably not a great idea and I fumbled around at the podium thinking of things to say.. anything. I was beginning to regret the two glasses of wine I had had prior that were now swirling around in my stomach.
'Uuugh.. you're a suave guy' I managed to choke out. Before scurring off the stage and taking refuge in my cousin's satin lapel.

Okay. The last part of that paragraph was a lie. I remembered and told a story about how I once sneaked into my grandfather's bedroom, trying to smoke his pipe. Trying to imitate his nonchalant style. Resulting in what was an inhalation of bugs and dust because you're obviously meant to put tobacco in the pipe. This didn't cross my 11 year old mind at the time. However I hoped to dear god that my unrehearsed speech came across as adorably heart-felt and not awkward and insulting unprepared. (For the record, the very latter part of the paragraph was true. I did run to my cousin after I told my speech. And he was wearing a satin lapel)

But what I said about him being a suave 'dude' is true. I mean he was a movie star! I found this photo of him being played on a rotating slide-show and it only confirmed what I had already realized. These old photos of him in finely cut suits and caddys, smoking cigars only confirm my suspicions that he was Don Draper. His finely brushed hair and fantastically retro sunglasses radiate all class. I love this photo of him.



  1. oh my lord, he really is don hahah. that's such an awesome photo of him! my grandparents are from poland, so i only have pictures of them like holding sausages and wearing scarves around their heads. Def. not suave. And haha I bet your speech was taken well!

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