Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Lee Hazlewood

Probably one of my favourite musicians of all time is Lee Hazlewood. He is an American singer/ songwriter/producer most well known for his collaborations with Nancy Sinatra and Duane Eddy in the 50s and 60s. Hazlewood was known for always looking forward, for the next project or next sound. In this endless search for a defining genre, he was able to invent Cowboy Psychadelia. A fusion of the west-coast rock movements and native American story-telling, his distinctive bellowing voice gives him an authenticity that places him as a key influence amongst modern American music. And this influence is undeniable, you can hear elements of Hazlewood from Primal Scream to The Jesus and Mary Chain.
Despite his solo success, Hazlewood is best known for his work with Nancy Sinatra. He wrote the original hit 'These Boots were Made for Walking' in which he also produced an awesome satirical version where he reflects the way he 'made a song about boots with a darlin' named Nancy'

(sorry for the quality)

  Nancy's Version of course

Together they combined their powers of awesomeness to produce some rad collaborational albums feauturing hits like 'Some Velvet Morning' and my personal favourite 'Summer Wine'.

This is a beautiful documentry feauturing Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra in their las Vegas show in 1972. Their backstage candid interviews highlight their relationship and the mutual respect they had for eachother. I particularly love Lee's denim jackets and Sinatra's amazingly 70s vegas outfits AND THAT FEATHERED HAIR

and some awesome Hazlewood record covers


Lee Hazlewood - The Nights (cowboy bad-ass)

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