Sunday, 22 May 2011

the boys behind me won't shut up and I can't concentrate on pretending to read John Steinbeck

When I was little I completely detested the colour pink. I refused to wear pink dresses that seemed to be chosen for me purely because of my gender. Now I don't really have such a distaste for any colours put together correctly (ha I sound like such a fashion fag) However I do remember at the age of 9 officially declaring that blue was my all-time favourite colour, and I can't say that's changed.


  1. I totally agree about pink. I hated it when I was little for the same reason. I love the kitschy-ness of it. Oh and I love the brittney picture and first picture

  2. I like pink, but only in small doses. :D

  3. OK, I spend my whole High School wearing pink. Love it, but since then my favorite colour is purple! ;) X

    Thank you visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment - means a lot to me! :) X

  4. Ditto, pink was never really my thing either. It's definitely a grower of a colour though - there's definitely a shade out there for every taste.

  5. Ohhhh I totally hear you on the pink front lady! Cute blog! and Australian, double plus
    Come follow me, I'm following you xxxxx Jazz

  6. @Roma - I know right!11, fanxx :) I also had a thing against wearing denim jeans, something about them being what 'boys' wear

    @Sandra - I hear ya'

    @Mademoiselle lala - Hahaha! Wow, yes I went through a purple fase last year, anytime my dear!xx

    @Sarah - Exactly, each to their own

    @Jazz - oh gosh thank you! will check out your blog :) xx