Saturday, 21 May 2011

Today mum made me shave my legs

Today I attended a zine fair at the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) It was really great because I saw a bunch of kids I'm on the youth committee with and a bunch of staff I knew from being an art whore. I ALSO recognised a guy I worked with for the Pine Street Arts Festival who was selling zines, so I bought an anti-monarchy punk zine from him and he gave me some free mini zines.
I wore a beige corduroy skirt which I LOOOVE, a sheer button-up top that I tied at the bottom, granny loafers, my dad's socks and this rad sparkly red cardigan I bought yesterday.

In the photo above I'm holding a few of the zines I bought today: A zine about Allison Mosshart and facebook weirdos, a vegetable colouring book filled with celery puns, a zine on 80s teen culture and movie reviews and a weird astrology zine about aries and the mayan calender (Yeah, I don't know why I bought that either)
I also managed to buy a zine on riot grrrl and feminist culture that came with a poster entitled 'Tough Titties'

Now I'm going to eat peanut butter toast, drink tea and watch charmed. l8erzz
- Alexa


  1. Love love love these photos. Your outfit`s just adorable. xx

  2. love these photos! I follow you, follow me back if you like my blog! thank you!

  3. fksgdfgfdsbfjgsdfg! I love your blog so much! That outfit is making me a little green eyed, I'm partial to sparkles and cord. Ever since your post all I have been watching is charmed, I completely forgot how addictive it was and how swoon-worthy Chris was too.

    Have you ever made a zine just wondering?

  4. Thank you so much!

    @Belle -No, I love YOUR blog, so much lovin, love-fest!! I know man, you know he was a model before? dslksjdkjffskjdfhdljh!!

    I've tried to, I started making one on how not to act at a concert, I might re-do that one. I also tried to make a teen-sleepover one, I'll finish that too. Have you?

  5. ahh i wish we had fairs like that where i live! the feminist zine sounds great.