Saturday, 9 April 2011

April 8th

This week has been a collection of dissapointment, regret, enthusiasm, inspiration, anticipation and (hormonal)?
But I suppose these are the generic feelings that come with it being the last week of Term 1 before break. With unprepared science tests, awkward parent teacher interviews, tearing up whilst talking about why I hate the demographic of my grade, lunches with my science teacher where I was grilled about my interests and clothing style, being yelled at from coming home too late on multiple occasions and re-discovering pokemon and my Game- Boy- Advance, I feel as though the holidays are well-deserved.

With all these events and emotions pilling up to create a very anticipated last Friday afternoon for Term 1 - I have had to plan my ambitions for these holidays. I plan to create and learn as much as possible before school returns in early May (blegh)

Yesterday I attended a fashion drawing workshop where I learnt about how to use water-colours to convey a design, tips how to draw the female form and NOT HOW TO MATCH FABRIC SWATCHES!!111, (which was my main reason as to why I signed up, but whatevz)
We started the class discussing the female form, we picked out a magazine image that we liked and recreated the image to look like a generic fashion drawing, then we coloured the design with a colour swatch we thought would best fit. After that we drew our own drawings and designs, mine I thought was very 90s - Gregg Akari, with a black satin skirt and alien-like mid drift top, and Cibo Matto sneaker-type platforms. We finished the workshop drawing the female image, focusing more on the conventions of a face to create our hair/make-up focused drawing. The result drawings were pretty cool, I will post mine up a bit later.

please not the terribly drawn attempt at a female figure and realistic-looking skirt

After the workshop I hopped on my way to Surry Hills festival where I met some friends and had fantastic vegan brownies, we then soaked up the amazing weather with live music and a band that I can't remember their name. I loved the fact that they had a female drummer though and groupie'd my way on to meet the band (they were so nice!) and they were very thankful for the fact that I was the only person who danced (they were amazing!) The female drummer was very fascinated by me and we discussed things like instruments and folk music :)

here are some photos from the day

 me being the only audience member dancing - velvet thrift skirt and lace top from 123 shop in London
 me being unimpressed by my friend's lack of dancing, note her finger bottom right (ugh iphone photo noob)
Asha and Ben enjoying some Ben and Jerry's ice-cream as their excuse for not dancing

All in all it was a very nice beginning of holidays - day and I am looking forward to the next 3 weeks! :)

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