Saturday, 2 April 2011

Pine Street Arts Festival Opening night

some of the laterns before dark, my creation is the one on the far right. Yeah.. the weird contorted weird shaped thing

The exhibition, please note the insane business man on the far left 'Yeah, sorry I can't hear you over the art freaks, yep mhm, ok, yep mum I'm wearing clean underpants'

Sophia and I, (me on the left, Sophia on the right)

the fully sick art projections


- All in all it was a WONDERFUL night, I wish I had more photos, all were taken from the Pine Street Arts Festival facebook page, none were taken by me.
Please come down to support us and the festival it's truly great and everyone who is working on it have been doing such a great job so far.
The festival runs for the entirety of youth week, (till april 15) And will be populated by lovely workshops and events, to check them out - check out their website

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