Saturday, 30 April 2011

What I wore to the Royal Wedding

So in-case you have been living under a rock over 500 000 000 metres underground, I would imagine that you would have heard about the Royal Wedding on Friday evening (Evening for us enthusiastically-ahead-of-time Australians), The news of the wedding has been practically inescapable as living in a commonwealth Country, it has been on the tips of our extremely royalist tongues. And if that wasn't enough, within seconds of the wedding starting, immediately the blog-esphere had seen an influx of screenshots taken of the wedding most likely due to youtube's live broadcasting of the event, which caused the royalist's of the internet to grow wide-eyed and gave them another outlet to express their enthusiasm.

I understand the appeal to the wedding, it is the true definition of the fairy-tale wedding and my 5 year old sister was fascinated by the idea of an actual Prince getting married to a Princess. The whole idea seemed to blow her mind as she sat glued to the television.. as well as it seems, the entire nation. It seems as though the whole notion of a royal wedding, set something off deep inside children and women everywhere (maybe even men) that appealed to a childhood- fairy-tale dream of a princess wedding. I can now understand why Disney World is so popular as all these kinds of things just relate to a sense of escapism every human feels. We know that the Royal marriage history holds less than happy endings, however knowing this we still hope and buy into the idea of this almost surreal kind of idea. It's actually kind of silly when you think about it, I mean as my mother puts it 'they're just couple, give 'em a break' 

And to further demonstrate the literal idea of the fairy-tale like wedding here are some images that demonstrated the wedding's similarities to the fairy-tale fantasy. These images were posted minutes after the wedding started: 

I wonder if the similarities between colour scheme of princesses Eugenie and Beatrice and the ugly step sisters were on purpose...

My opinion of the dresses: Loved Kate's etc. Great that she used Alexander Mcqueen, I love the lace (I'm a sucker for lace) And if you look really closely at her train, there are really fine details embroided into the fabric. 

Princess Eugenie, unflattering dress, however I do admire her bravery for this choice of dress which is Vivienne Westwood. Quite a daring choice to wear one of the most iconic fashion designers when it comes to innovative and often shocking designs. However that is not to say that Alexander Mcqueen isn't known for the same thing, I feel that her dress is in fact a good choice for a royal wedding.. if it fit better. 
I absolutely LOVE Beatrice's head piece, I think it's because I feel like it stood out of the rest of the hats, that all kind of looked the same which became dull after 2 hours of watching the guests arrive. It was a refreshing change, and it kind of reminds me of a horse-shoe type shape. I also kind of like  it's  fairy-tale softness of the ribbon design, very Disney.

Now on to the most important part of this post: What I wore. 

My grandmother decided to host an interestingly themed Shabbat dinner that Friday night for us commoners, with all the family having to dress up as they would if they were to be attending the actual wedding. The cake was red, blue and white themed, there were union-jack themed balloons, champagne and everyone dressed respectively. However it was interesting to see each family member enjoy and understand the wedding service differently, I enjoyed catching the smirks on Harry and William's faces as well as seeing the little small romantic gestures between Will 'n' Kate, my 5 year old sister sat interested shortly before returning to her game-boy, my 23 year old cousin tweeted about the event on his Ipad and my grandparents quickly 'shushed' everyone when the hymns were being performed. 

  Victorian styled princess theme dress from Ebay, white lace stockings, miss-matching frilly socks (one sock american apparel) Brown victorian shoes nabbed at Camden markets, Shrunken jumper - a gift

And no royal outfit would be complete without a miss-matched vintage hat and a glass of champagne. 

Here are some images from that night: 

My grandparents, the true royalty 

and my cousin introducing to an extremely perplexed 5 year old, the reproductive systems of an Ipad that created the Iphone.. or is the other way round? 


  1. This post is so incredibly adorable
    I think we need to have a tea party one day!!!

    you've got such a rad style and its really Brittish inspired!

    my family and I also had a Royal Wedding party, but since we're american it was slightly less lavish

  2. that is a MUST, oh gosh thank you :) haha I never understood why America was so supportive of the wedding, they're not even part of the commonwealth!

  3. This is the best. Didn't really care much for the royal wedding however the fact that your family had a party is the best. You looked amazing also!