Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Feminism vs Anti- Feminism

Recently, I have been reading a lot about feminist movements, the development of them and how they came into mainstream society. It was movements like these that have helped women gain the respect and general rights in society that we have and sometimes take for granted today.
As a teenage girl, I feel that feminism is an important issue that needs to be educated especially to young girls that are developing self esteem and self respect.
In such a progressive society, there are still elements of misogynist values lurking such as women being sexualized in the media. I could go in deeper into this issue that I feel is very close to my heart, as I am seeing each day more and more young girls my age and around my age being greatly affected by the media and the expectations it poses on the female body. These values and pressures of the female image have been going around for decades, such as the house-wife dream of the 50s, to the super-skinny model rail-thin pressures of today.

 However, it is not by the women that these expectations had been created by, but rather the male influence. I could easily go on a rant about the paternal society our world has been developed into one that rewards and encourages male accomplishment that represses female influence in the media and work-place. These misogynist ideals are to me, reminiscent of the 'White Australia Policy' of the late 1800's in Australia. However, unlike the repression of female influence which had never really been an issue that was paid attention to positively or negatively, this policy was more prevalent in society  in that Australia quite blatantly promoted the ideal of a predominantly 'White' (People of Anglo-Saxon origin) occupation in Australia. Although most of these values have been repressed and we are now living in a progressive society in that way, there are still elements of the Australian 'White' policy in Australia's highly controversial foreign policy. And just like the underlying values of discrimination in some of Australia's policies, there are still elements in todays society that reflect misogynistic ideals, just more subtly.
As mentioned before the way women are being repressed today is more physiological in the media than the issues of inequality in the work-place, political inequality and domestic violence, that are more obvious and given more attention to.  The use of expectations and ideals that are presented to young women in the media, make young girls feel like they need to comply to or otherwise they are not worthy of human relationships and aspirations. I understand that these pressures only appeal to women who are self conscious about their body image, and it is unfair to say that many are not.
But, being a teenage girl, I can confidently say that body image is an issue that affects the greater majority and is something that really needs to be paid more attention to.

However, with these misogynistic ideals that are represented in the media of a sexualized image of women, and expectations on how they are meant to look like and act to appeal to the satisfaction of the male gender are often ignored. Women do and have recognized the disrespect the female gender has been given in the past and have done things about it, whether it be politically or socially. It is from movements like the feminist movement that have sparked this progressive way of life to fight for the respect of women in society. The ideal female has changed from the fragile almost feminine, weak house-wife, to the kick- ass, confident and powerful womanly figure.

See the 1940's icon, Rosie the Riveter - WOO POWER WOMAN
Chloe Mortez kickin butt in Kick Ass
Many modern females worry that with the rise of the feminist movement, our traditional femininity has been lost and there are great movements that promote anti-feminist ideals.
As I was flicking through blogspot one incredibly boring morning, I stumbled across a young girl's blog that clearly stated that she was a pioneer in the movement against feminism called 'Anti- Feminism'
These movements are often not paid attention to much, and I completely agree with the importance of the female ideal having changed and my first emotions when finding this blog were similar to disgust and total resentment. However, as you will soon know from reading my blog is that my curiosity in often cases gets the better of me and I couldn't resist reading more into this movement that completely rejected all the ideals that I stood for (This must be what my parents feel like when I asked to get a tattoo)
Although upon further reading into the two movements, feminism seems more of a movement that promotes ideas that blur the lines and restrictions that define genders, anti-feminism is against this 'blur' between genders and promotes sexism to ultimately define gender and thus kind of create a stable society. Anti-feminism is in fear of this instability of society which is thought to be a perpetrator in the degeneration of society.
Anti-feminists also believe that gender definition is necessary in defining and carrying on traditional views relating to sex, children and family life. Such as the women's place in the kitchen and the male's job to provide for the family. These values are seen as being in a way the 'safety-nets' of society, and with these valued traditions being destroyed or defied, society would crumble as people would be confused as to their 'place' or purpose.
Of course it is important for women to have equal opportunities to men, but anti-feminists believe that even men need to have they're own place or purpose in society not only the women. So basically this movement promotes sexism on both the female side and the male side.

basically - due to the justifiable values of anti-feminism, it still sux and feminism roolz


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